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Oh my so this is what 6.46 in the morning looks like

Ouch! I have the worlds worst sore head,and I tend to keep waking up every hour during the night. I think I am constantly worried I am going to over sleep! Like I have done before,but waking up every hour from 2 onwards when I only went to sleep at 12 is absolutely no fun. So I am sat in bed waiting for it to get to 7 when I shall get up and prepare to get ready and feed my puddy cats! I shall be reading all of your posts this weekend and catching up with everyone :) I have been pretty down recently and it rather sucks so I need to change this as I can feel myself slipping into a downward spiral it reminds me of one of those children's tunnel slides just not as fun emoticon :sad:

Much love and pawprints

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Jay_Angel wrote on February 8, 2015, 12:04 PM

i hate those kind of nights. What happens is that I am so worried about oversleeping that I ruin the next day.