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"Hold the Fries!"

As usual, Sam Jenkins woke up with a hangover. He managed to hold on to a minimum pay job as a dishwasher in a small and greasy spoon cafe and part of his salary was a place to sleep in a back storage room. It certainly was not a place most would call home, but what the hell, it was a place to sleep and certainly no problem to get to work.

Sam was in his mid forties and not happy and yet not sad either. He had a brief encounter with a childless marriage and if the truth be said, he was the better spouse. This was Tuesday and the day the Art Connors, the owner of the dump went to town to buy supplies for the coming week.

Of course most of the staples were pinto beans, hamburger and other “junk” food that his regulars would usually order. Sam moved his sorry behind into the cafe and Art told him that he would be gone a few hours. “I am sure that you can handle making a few burgers and fries,” he said, “but if you can’t these butt heads will never know the difference anyhow.”

It was not very long after Art departed that two customers walked in. To Sam’s evaluation the were very light skinned and their faces did not look normal. In fact, they did not look normal at all. But with the DT’s a common occurrence, Sam just tossed them two menus and waited silently for the order. The two guests, started chuckling to themselves in some foreign tongue and then in perfect English, said, “We will have deep fried Sam Jenkins.”

“Yeah, real funny,” was Sam’s reply. “I can make you two clowns a burger, a cheese burger and if you are nice I will even give you fresh fries.” The two guests, then started a bit of a banter between them and before Sam could understand, he was cut up in pieces and was in both of the deep firers.

“Gleeop Fraquit”, one of the aliens said to the other, or in English, the equivalent of “Hold the fries!”

(To admin: This is one of my original stories. It was posted on Bubblews but has been deleted by me and is no longer available.)

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