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What is embrace?

The embrace is the closest touching between people. Not kiss, not sex, but an extended hands promise much more love than the touch of our bodies or even the magic of the kiss. The embrace surpasses and covers all types of love and romantic, and the friendly, brotherly, parental. It is the direct expression of our proximity and promises us all the gifts of love, comfort, forgiveness, end of loneliness, the promise of happiness.

If we assume that our hands are those that protect-body language is unambiguous: the cross on the chest means close and open it shows something else entirely. Overthrow of the borders, a merger of two personal spaces. The touch breasts to breast is the closest possible because touch and our hearts, we feel the rhythm, the melody of our emotions.

Let us not miss our loved ones from our arms and hug them often. Embrace your loved one, your child, your parents and say that you love them.

The embrace is love, and the world needs more of it.

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LeaPea2417 wrote on January 27, 2015, 11:23 AM

Yes, it is interesting you write this today. Yesterday, I was thinking about this same thing and how I was feeling lonely and how I needed an embrace.