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If Cancer Strikes

If ever the dreaded letter C should strike in our families (Oh God forbid!) I would recommend that one's immune system should be given a boost.

First, one should change his or her diet. He or she should eat raw organic fruits and vegetables.

Second, juicing. He or she should buy a powerful juicer and drink the juice of raw organic fruits and certain vegetables. Twelve glasses of different kinds of juices should be taken throughout the day.

Third, green tea power. One should load up on Green tea. This tea is the best source of antioxidants.

Fourth, moringga oil. He or she should take at least 10 capsules of moringga oil daily.

Fifth, eat lots of turmeric.

Sixth, ginger power. Ginger tea should be taken at least three times daily.

Seventh, exercise.

Eighth, vitamin D

Ninth, cayenne pepper

Tenth, garlic should be a regular everyday.

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nbaquero wrote on January 27, 2015, 11:31 AM

Herald101 There are a lot of factors that influence the development of Cancer, I have have a couple of cases in my family already, and can honestly say that it makes you reevaluate your lifestyle. Nutrition, Exercise, Rest, Meditation and Social activity are key factors to help our loved ones overcome this disease, if caught early.