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30 for 30: Little Big Men

"I trust in God. I love my country. I will respect it's laws. I will play fair and strive to win. But when I lose, I will always do my best."

Little Big Men is the story of a Little League team from Washington State that eventually did what no one thought was possible: Win the 1982 Little League World Championship. Cody Webster was the pitcher for Washington State He was twelve years old. He pitched a great game and hit the home run that won the Little League World Series Championship.

It changed his life, but not in the way one might expect. It is not easy for a twelve year old to be in the spotlight. I think people tend to forget that a twelve year old is still a child.

Cody Webster was 40 years old when the movie 'Little Big Men' was filmed. He stated that the Little League World Series was absolutely 100% good experience. "It was worth it. Everything was worth it," He commented, "It was worth me going through all the stuff. It is just part of the deal. It's okay. I made it through."

Becoming a hero in a competitive sport always invites jealousy and rage. An adult is equipped to handle it from other adults. A child is equipped to handle it from other children. But Cody Webster was a child who had to handle it from adults.

This movie is an excellent documentary produced by ESPN in 2010. The full title of the movie is '30 for 30: Little Big Men.' It consists of interviews with the adults who were once part of this little league team from Washington state and footage of the actual World Series game. It also contains interviews with these champions when they were kids. The movie is not rated, but I highly recommend it for older teens and adults.

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