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An Ode in memory of the Late Komla Dumor of BBC


This is a poem dedicated to the late Komla Afeke Dumor a prolific world class one of a kind rare quality African, Ghanaian and a gentleman who worked with the BBC until his death. He was burried today in Ghana.

Dumor! Dumor!! Dumor!!1
Where is Komla Dumor?
Call Him for me. It’s almost 7 pm
He must go on air to host the BBC Africa Focus
Komla!!! He is gone. Gone where and with whom
Komla has gone to the world of the ancestors and ancestress
Komla !! Why have you left us so soon.

We know life begins at 40 and you at 41 was only ready to blossom Your afternoon in life was too short.

Komla, we love you.
You made Africans and Africa proud
You made us proud as a journalist with the BBC
You were a shining example of what all African youths can be
You smiled with ease and made everybody around you feel good
You told the African story like an African.

Why death! Why? You did cut the tree when it was about to bear fruits
When it had just blossom, you stabbed us in the back and took Komla away without permission.
Alas, you are wicked. You have snatched another beacon of the African continent
It was Mandela now it is Komla Dumor
Komla , Journey into the world of the dead chest out
The world is your witness.
You were a leading international broadcaster until your death.

How we wish the grave would reject you and restore you to this life
How we wish God would say Dumor go back and complete the task you have left hanging

Everyone is saying you did well
Well done Dumor, Fare thee well

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Anja wrote on June 10, 2014, 9:06 AM

That is a lovely tribute. I have never heard of this man, but I am sure many others have if he appeared on the BBC.

africanpen wrote on June 10, 2014, 12:51 PM

I am surprise to here this. He is an amazing journalist known the world over on BBC. What a voice and amazing English he spoke in those days.