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Be a pencil in the hand of God

Whatever you touch, you must leave a mark just like a pencil does on every paper
Your mark must be useful and difficult to discard
You can correct every mistake you make by allowing what you’ve done wrong to be erased.
Do not defend your wrong doings out of pride, No right thinking member of society would associate with that.
Like a pencil, the most important valuable assets you posses is what is inside you. You cannot be judged accurately by the outward appearance but it can tell what is inside of you.
All of us must undergo some very painful sharpening to make you as better person created in the image of God, never say no for its only when hot iron goes through the tough hands and fire of the blacksmith that it becomes useful again.
If you are to be an outstanding person, allow yourself to be guided by the strong helpful hand that guides every pencil.
God is the strong hand and you are the pencil that needs direction and grooming
If you do not humble you self you, can break several times, and the continues sharpening by God would transform your fortunes and make you leave a mark of history on this earth.

Picture credit : MINE

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