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Are You a Mere Father or a Dad?

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It’s not a difficult thing to confuse one self and think that a dad and a father are the same. We all have biological fathers whether we know them or not but not all of us have dads.
I believe a difference does exist between them. A father is merely a male who makes a woman conceive but a dad is a father who cares about his family and is constantly ready to be the shoulder on which his children would learn on. He is the friendly man the children would love to be around. He is the one who would take time off busy business schedules to have a game with the children.
There are so many fathers who have become irresponsible by choice just as the sweet dads who have become the role models of their children and others in the neighborhood whose fathers have remained fathers all their lives.

Have you asked yourself why some fathers are loved and appreciated by children of other fathers? Its because those fathers they are attracted to are also dads.
If you child cannot tell his/her colleagues about you and be willing to run towards you when you come back from work but rather goes to hid out of fear, YOU ARE A MERE FATHER.
Fathers are not approachable dads are.
Fathers make children fear them while dads correct children with love.
Fathers may not be bothered when their children are in trouble but dads do and are responsible as well.
Are you a father or a dad as well

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