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Do not be deceived by the title "African Electronics". The meaning is far from what you are thinking. Its not related to electronic in any way but rather it’s the local name for witches and wizards in my part of the world. We call such people with such supernatural evil powers African electronic because they use their powers to do strange unimaginable negative exploits where ever they find themselves and distance between them and their prey humans is bridged with cheeky ease.

They employ their powers to kill, destroy, pull hard working people down, and invoke diseases and backwardness into peoples lives. They have the power to make women barren, men impotent, make people go insane and cause strange road accidents and deaths. They would destroy any good thing in their families and would form allies to complete evil missions against the innocent and the genuinely hard working people. They see the shining stars of children who would be great the very day they are born on conceived and work at killing mother and child.

On a few occasions some of this African Electronic has been caught red handed in their evil acts while they were flying overhead at night. A story is told of a young girl, who was sweeping one early morning, just as she completed the sweeping, a goat from nowhere passed through the yard and dropped or emptied its bowels. The girl got annoyed, insulted the goat and used the standing broom the hit the backside of the goat. Moments after, an old lady came charging on the girls, she asked the girl why she used the broom to hit the goat and that she should mind her business and allow people to move around freely in whatever form they so wish. Can you say these all not true?

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