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Have You Ever Wondered Why We Shiver?

Shivering is the feeling of being cold with trembling throughout the body, chattering teeth, maybe even goosebumps. These are some traits of shivering. The extreme muscle shaking that makes the body shake are caused by the cold receptors that are located in the hypothalamus gland which acts like a thermostat. When the body starts to shake, which is not voluntary controlled, generates heat throughout the entire body and makes the stop.

The condition usually happens when a fever is present or the body’s temperature drops below normal, perhaps due to being exposed to the cold, damp weather, or swimming for too long in cold water. If shivering occurs is often, it is best to see your doctor because it can be caused by excess # thyroid function , anemia, or any other condition. The most effective way to deal with shivering is to warm the body from the “inside” and then outside, with warm drinks, and warm baths.

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