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Arduino vs Raspberry Pi. Which is the right choice for you?

Many new hobbiests are approaching, and the Raspberry Pi and arduino have taken the DIY world by storm, but they both serve different functionalities. In this article I will go over the differences, and similarities of the Raspberry Pi and Arduino.

The Arduino came out before the raspberry pi. Although both Arduinos and Raspberry Pis consist of only one board, they have many differences. For example, the Arduino is a microcontroller, not a full-fledges computer like the raspberry pi. This makes each board better at different tasks. A task where more processing power is needed would be best fufilled by a Pi, as they have a relatively powerful processor and more ram. The Arduino is a better choice for those who want many inputs and outputs and do not require much processing power. The arduino has more functionality for peripherals than the Raspberry pi.

Pricing can be an issue also. Arduinos are much cheaper, usually running around $27 for an official board, but you can get many 3rd party "arduino-compatible" boards, especially from China, for under $10. The Raspberry Pi, on the other hand, costs $35. There are not many cheaper clones out on the market.

All in all, both the Arduino and Raspberry pi are good choices to get into the DIY world, but everyone must decide which they would use. Comment down below your opinion on which board is better!

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