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Movie Review: In The Name Of God

Here is a brief outline of the first part of the movie: Mason is a teenager who has been moved from foster home to foster home. He feels that people don't really care about him. He thinks people agree to take him as a foster child because they feel sorry for him. And he does not want their sympathy. So when Reverend Fields tells him about the Lewis family, he is not excited about it. Mason is a trouble maker. He does not treat others with respect because he thinks no one treats him with respect. He does not follow rules. He makes his own rules. Reverend Fields learns that Mason does not believe in God.

The Lewis family has a son named Nate. Their older son Jack passed away. Nate is convinced that his parents, Tom and Whitney, are accepting Mason as a replacement for Jack. And Nate resents it very much.

Miss Swanson brings Mason to the Lewis family. Mason gets the cold shoulder from Nate. Miss Swanson leaves after talking to the family.

That evening Mason sneaks out the bedroom window and goes to a grocery store. The lady behind counter asks him to leave his shoulder bag on the counter. Mason refuses to and starts looking at the items in the store. She tells Mason to give his bag to her or she'll call the police. Mason hands over his bag and purchases some spray paint. After paying for it, he vandalizes her store.

The movie "In The Name Of God" is a drama about the struggles of a family and the foster teenager they accepted into their home. The acting is excellent. The family and Mason go through crisis after crisis throughout the movie. It held my attention from beginning to end.

As a whole, the movie is inspiring. It is an excellent movie for the whole family and I highly recommend it.

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SoundNFury wrote on January 19, 2015, 11:34 PM

It sounds like an interesting movie. We often try to find time to watch movies here at home, so I'll add this to our list.