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Sometimes I wish by Maurice Allen song review

Sometimes I Wish // Morris Alan The singer is a very soulful voice and use it well in this track. Everyone can identify with trying to please somebody that just is not going to have it. It's a song that has a little bit of morning but a little bit of commitment to. It's a song about loving someone and maybe not having it reflected back. The drums provide a very nice bed for the singer to perform on. And I like the lyrics. I like the lyric about wanting to fly away. I think everyone has feelings like that which they wish they could just sometimes escape. Especially when people are being difficult and are not understanding our feelings. So overall I like the lyrics and I like the music. Everything shows very well together. It adds feeling because people can share the singers emotions. That makes it really great to listen to. It's a really nice groove overall. The bass grooved too long without demanding too much attention from your ears. It's a really nice group coming from a keyboardist or a synthesizer that provides a very soothing track for the singer to reflect on. It's almost like he is contemplating how to move

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