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Bait and switch by Mikkall song review

There's a lot of synthesizer and keyboard pushing in this track. The drums move very quickly and her formulaic Liebelt. It's somewhat robotic is well. Most of the song is meant to place emphasis on the melody which is done by the instruments on the keys. It's not something that I would definitely want to listen to a lot of. I prefer if there was more instrumentation on it. It feels like it was a computer made. I feel like when all the checks come from the computer it lacks a little bit of human emotion. The notes are nice and orchestrated. Everything fits in the scales. But overall I want to hear a little more variation in the drums. To bury electronics on with lots of sweeping waves in it. It's not something I can feel like I would listen to want to regular occasion. I'm not sure what motivation it would be best suited for to be musically in the background. But it is nicely arranged and everything is in time.

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