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How the Immune System protects Us

How The Immune System Protect Us

The # immune system protects the body from harmful invaders such as# viruses, and # bacteria. The immune system includes the lymphatic system and various white blood cells.

The lymphatic system- has a network of vessels that drain fluid and return it to the blood. Connected to the lymph vessels is small, spongy tissue called lymph nodes, which remove bacteria and dead cells from the lymphatic fluid.

White blood cells: when bacteria enters the body- the T-cells, which are essential to# protecting our immune system respond and attack and produce antibodies which bind to the bacteria or virus and makes it inactive. These cells patrol the body and protect it from invaders.

Two types of cells: T-cells and B-cells

T-cells regulate the immune response and these killer T-cells attack the viruses

B-cells- produce antibodies and these cells work together to keep the body safe from intruders

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