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It Should Be A Manic Monday But Not For Me!

Hello Persona Peeps! It should be a "Manic Monday" today but not for me. I decided earlier this morning when my alarm clock rang out to get up, open the front door, breathe in the cold air and try and suss out the day in terms of what the weather would be like. The weather app on my phone at the time read 0° centigrade, which at the time means "freezing" to me, and though it hasn't snowed through the night, the now turned ice is slowly melting away in the sunshine whilst the temperature has risen to 2° centigrade. It is still very cold. I have a pair of trusty long johns/thermals on as well as my joggers, thin thermal vest, thick woollen socks, a thin woollen based jumper, chunky Christmas jumper on top of that and then a small scarf – all to wear in the home. Putting the heating on during the day is expensive, so I rely on a small electric panel heater, which sits in the room I’m usually in and keeps me cosy.

I had so much planned to do today such as go to Greenock to do some shopping and call in to see my friend, who is trying to find a shop to rent in Gourock but no one seems interested. I phoned one of the owners who haven’t bothered their salt to get back in touch. Why is it so difficult to rent a shop in Gourock, never mind Greenock? One would think owners would be desperate to rent out their shops. Their loss! She’s a previous product buyer for Dillards and has a great business mind but rental spaces in Greenock are just too high and Gourock owners appear to be too “family friendly” to let out to strangers. Dillards to those members connected to me in the UK is a huge department store franchises about ten times the size of House of Fraser!

Anyway, I have loads of laundry to iron and my second flat pack clothes folder arrived this morning. I bought one years ago which was only shown on QVCUK a few nights ago, but I bought mine originally from EBAY and was requiring to be replaced. It helps me massively to fold all my clothing neatly and pack away! Thanks for reading. ©Nar2Reviews2015.

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catsholiday wrote on January 19, 2015, 12:00 PM

We have had our heating on today for quite a while as it is very cold

Ruby3881 wrote on January 20, 2015, 2:17 PM

I don't blame you wanting to stay in when it's cold. I tend to do just that!