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our LPG regulator had leak

It is already 9:57pm in my time zone. Nineteen hours ago from my last post. A while ago about 2pm, there are and surveyor that leads them to check our liquified petroleum gas or LPG or the one we are using in cooking. Although we experienced some but they presented some lively interactive demonstration of what will happen if we do not attend the leaks. They showed to us by means of demonstrating using their LPG hose with a hole. And they showed to us a burning hose. But before they did that demonstration, they asked if we have any heart problem to lead us a possible attack while demonstrating. And on the demonstration, while the burner keeps on burning then there is a hole in the hose that immediately . I was shocked and little bit terrified of a possible house fire. What the demonstrator did while there is a big fire on the hole or leak, he just used his thumb finger to stop the . Then he turned off the switch of the burner then followed of a switch off in the LPG tank. That minute, i want to stop their demonstration because of my heart keeps on beating fast. But i did not. Then they continue. They also presented to us gadgets for more safety in our LPG tank. Since we do not have enough money to buy for their gadget, i did not buy it. Even if we did not bought their gadget, there was still a free service for cleaning and arranging the dislocation of our LPG tank that leads us a small leak. And now, we have temporarily save from that small leak. I want to pay the services they made for my tank, hose and but they did not accepted so i just offerred them a merienda as a replacement.

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scheng1 wrote on January 17, 2015, 8:59 AM

We use government gas at home, so there is little risk of leak.

luisga814 wrote on January 18, 2015, 3:50 AM

Good thing that you have government accredited lpg.