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How to Pass An Interview

This is just how to pass an interview..

Once you are invited for a job interview you had applied for, kindly go back to the job advertisement, hoping that you kept a copy, and study the job requirements. Study all the duties one by one and know everything that revolves around the position.

Also read about the company and know what they do and your expectations for the new job. This will help you increase your confidence at the interview, because you will be able to answer almost every question that comes confidently since you have the knowledge at figure tips. Never guess an answer in an interview. If you do not know, just say that you will find out the answer, definitely you are not all knowing, and you cannot remember everything that you read, unless you are a genius.

Do not fail to ask just one question at the end of the interview. Dress decently and comfortably, to avoid any embarrassments or disruptions during the interview.

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