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One Piece (Category Challenge- Anime)

One Piece is a manga series written by Eiichiro Oda and has been made into an anime series. The manga was started on July 1997 while the anime series started on October 1999. Up to this date, the series is still not finished and with the story right now, I'd guess that it will take two more years or more for it be finished.

I decided to write about One Piece in my because we all have been hooked since last Saturday. We started with the episode where Ace was held captured by the Marines. Luffy was held in Imppel Down prison and made his escape to save his brother, Ace. Whitebeard, Ace's "father" and one of the Four Emperors (they're pirates from the New World) was known to be the World's Strongest Man in the World and he will come face to face with the Marines to try to save his beloved son.

Ace was freed by Luffy although he also died trying to save Luffy from Admiral Akainu. Whitebeard died after receiving two magma blows from Akainu, 267 sword wounds, 152 gunshot wounds and 46 times that he was shot by a cannon. Those Whitebeard Pirates who survived, escaped to the New World.

Now the two year timeskip would start. Luffy, who was in shock after Ace died in his arms would strive to recover. The New World Pirates scattered in the The New World and are never heard of since the Whitebeard War ended.

Tomorrow, we will be watching the 498th episode and I can't hardly wait. We still need to watch almost 200 episodes to catch up but we are positive that we can finish all those missed episodes!

Any One Piece fan out here?

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FreyaYuki wrote on January 27, 2015, 3:16 PM

Heard about One Piece. Does seem to be a pretty well-known anime though haven't got the chance to watch it yet. Might check it out some time.