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Try Something New QVCUK? More Like Try Somewhere Else!

In my shopping experience and as an online product reviewer I like to watch QVCUK at times to see what I might be missing. At times I smile at the poor presenters who do the Yankee Candle "hour" for example and often make up little stories that don't quite make sense, let alone claims about fragrances. I used to work in marketing as a telesales canvasser when I was a student, so I know the many scripts and the little ways in which people cold call. I was never that confident as a cold caller and I was lucky to work with the company concerned when I was a telesales canvasser.

So, I have just seen a wonderful little gadget on the QVC UK shopping channel and I was wondering if the company accept PayPal as a payment option. It would appear that QVC.Com does accept PayPal, but not the UK site. Why on earth doesn't this company offer PayPal? Online there seems to be nothing but complaints from online buyers and the general public with regard to QVCUK failing to offer the rather versatile PayPal option. Yet, premium department stores like John Lewis accept PayPal as well as number of other outlets. The very fact that John Lewis offers PayPal as a safer option indicates not everyone like QVCUK are living in the past

What is even worse is that QVC UK are using the most complained about delivery service, Hermes, who also made it on BBC1's Consumer show "Watchdog" for a number of complaints from the general public in goods that weren't delivered, or were delivered too late.

Whilst QVC make money from each credit & debit card payment, it seems the age of technology and buying convenience has not yet hit the bean counters of QVC UK. Sadly for them, I have just found the same product at a far cheaper cost on EBay UK. What a pity QVC UK can't move with the times. Try something new, QVCUK? More like Get With The Times! Thanks for reading. ©Nar2Reviews2015.

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kat123456 wrote on January 16, 2015, 3:22 AM

That surprises me, I would have thought all big companies would accept paypal by now

catsholiday wrote on January 19, 2015, 11:34 AM

I would never buy anything from telesales - I am tempted enough on line!!