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it will be less than 24 hours the Pope will arrive

In less than 24 hours Pope Francis is going to arrive here in the Philippines. As of this moment, it is already 9:29pm of January 14, 2015 and according to the news, the People Pope will arrive in Manila, Philippines around 5pm or 6pm of January 15. I do have a work tomorrow, so, even if i wanted to go to see the Pope, in my area is not part of the holiday. The Metro Manila and Tacloban City declared holiday. Anyway, thanks to Pope Francis that he included the Philippines as one of the countries to visit including Sri Lanka. I remember Pope John Paul II last 1995 visited Manila for the World Youth Day but i did not get a chance to see the Pope. Pope Benedict XVI did not included the Philippines as part of his journey until resignation. So, if I do not have a chance to see the current Pope, until when?

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scheng1 wrote on January 14, 2015, 8:36 AM

He will be very outspoken about the failures of the church. i just wonder what he will say.