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The Filipino Ideology Part 1

Ideology is an orientation that characterizes the thinking of a group or nation. It also connotes a political orientation and Filipinos seemed to be lost or lacking in this area. We have to accept the fact that we don’t have our own brand of ideology. Our way of thinking in many aspects like politics, business and religion are not really our own making. They are either a modified form or an exact imitation of the original. We could attribute this to the fact that our country was colonized by several nations that forced us to adapt their own ideologies. A very good example is when the Spaniards have forcibly imparted to us their Catholic ideology. This ideology is highly influential to our way of thinking in terms of making moral judgments. Basically, our ideas of what is right and what is wrong are founded on the notions of Christianity. Not only that, Catholicism is shaping our moral behavior as well as our political inclination. As a matter of fact, our constitution is patterned through the standards of Catholicism in many aspects of social life such as in marriage, abortion, divorce, population control etc. The Chinese people on the other hand, gave us many traditions that also influenced our way of thinking. Although they did not really conquer us physically, they somewhat intruded into our nation and culture in a very subtle way. Many experts say that they quietly colonized our nation through their business activities during the pre-Spanish period. In fact, our economy is dominated by Filipino-Chinese business tycoons. This domination has been prevailing for a very long time. It is observable that Chinese ideology in business is very influential in most Filipino businessmen. Consequently, true blooded Filipinos tend to emulate their mentality when it comes to managing a business.

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MelissaE wrote on January 14, 2015, 6:52 AM

Wow...this is so informative. I would love to read more about your culture. I hope you go into more detail about the religious aspect.

RegieEstioco wrote on January 14, 2015, 6:59 AM

It's been a quite sometime when I read your last post. Welcome back . Almost every municipality in the Philippines, there are Chinese-Filipino businessmen and are they one among the most successful in the field. At some point, you are correct.

raelFV wrote on January 14, 2015, 7:09 AM

Thanks for the comments MelissaE and RegieEstioco.. I needed sometime to reflect on my next post, which is why It has been quite a while since I posted an article. Keep on writing guys!!

valmnz wrote on January 31, 2015, 8:50 PM

This is interesting reading. I live in New Zealanf and I'm not an expert, but I can't say we really have an ideology.

BrenndaMarie wrote on April 27, 2015, 5:36 AM

Very interesting and informative article. I know, people from the Philippines but I do not know much about the culture. Thanks for sharing