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Snow Joke

It has finally arrived, snow has hit the south west of England. Well, looking out of the window it looks as if someone has gone over the town with a sieve of icing sugar and given it a moderate dusting. Nothing to worry about yet Facebook is alight with people posting photos of drifts that in some places have reached up to half an inch. I always find it amazing how the UK gets a few weeks of snow this time every few years and to be fair in the north and particularly the Scottish Highlands it can get quite dangerous, yet it seems to take everyone from the commuter to the road gritting teams by surprise. If you can't get to work, don't. Simple as that, if your job is that important that the company fill fall down without you then why have they not installed some sort of working via the internet, video call etc for you. And if it isn't that important, don't worry about it. Stay home, turn the heating up, make a mug of chocolate and build a snowman. Though I must confess that if I tried to build one in my back garden I might aim for a snow ant…not quite actually size.

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NorthernLight wrote on January 14, 2015, 10:24 AM

Awoke this morning to find the snow had arrived, about an inch. Made for a good walk through the woods this morning.