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Jojo's Bizzarre Adventure Stardust Crusaders Second Half (Battle in Egypt) Episode 1 Review

First and foremost, this is my first article apart from my introduction. Some of my content will include stuff like this, I will try not to be too niche when writing content and hope everyone can enjoy what I write!


That being said, it is a must-watch show with three parts adapted so far!

This particular article will be touching base upon the first episode of the second half of the third part of Jojo's Bizarre Adventure - Stardust Crusaders.

The first thing that catches my eye is the new opening.

For me, the show has some of the best opening themes I've seen in any show. (They aren't bad to work out to either.) This seasons opening was at first, sub-par to the other season; until it grew on me. It came as such a surprise when I watched it another time, the music seemed to flow better for me, the transitions made more sense, and above all of that; the EXTREMELY subtle foreshadowing.

The series itself is quite old; by now, many people have caught up through the manga (basically means a Japanese comic) and already know what will happen next. The real beauty is how well they will adapt this series. That being said, with someone like me who has already read through this part, it is actually astounding that they can fit as many hints as they did. They aren't necessarily spoiling the season, it is mostly discreet hints of the future, I was very impressed.

That's enough about the opening; I can go on, but we need to get on with the actual episode!

The episode itself went with pacing that I liked; just getting right into the action after a little bit of calm down time. They introduced the sixth main character of the story arc, Iggy, a disobedient dog with The Fool as its stand. My only gripe with this character was the fact that the barks sounded too human, which will be understandable, it just bothered me a little bit. They begin the adventure by taking a memorable picture together. (Oh, the feels.) And almost immediately after they set the tone of the threats that they will face next; and in this episode, it showed. The first enemy they are now facing seems to not even be able to be defeated by the initial main cast. After all of the overwhelming action, they send us off into the soothing ending theme, Last Train Home by Pat Metheny Group.

Overall 8/10

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