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Song review of one trick ride by looking for liam

This song starts with a heavy guitar lead in notably by the lead guitarist. It resembles a little bit of the band soul Asylum in the way they used to open half of their songs that were up.

It also has a little bit of the Punk influence to. There's heavy Grunge effect. Also there is a phase on the guitar. The effect definitely has a lot of distortion on it as well. The song reminds me of something that is a mix between a heavy metal and skateboard rock. It moves very quickly but it also has guitar work the please individual notes that are just slamming courts with open notes. It's a mix of arrangement and also skillful plane. It's a mix between moving quickly but also played some intricate notes for a melody. The drama keeps to be going very quickly because little to alter the main beach. It's pretty much just there to move the guitars along. It doesn't do a lot of variations are you still out of the tom drums. The relationship and the song between the bass guitar in the league get her also reminds me a bit of the band rage against the machine.

It's because of the way it flows together. There's almost a little bit of a funk going on in between the heavy-metal reps as well. Has a nice mix of blending sounds and I think that's a nice bit of originality. I was not a huge fan of the vocals. I thought it sounded like a little bit too much like Depeche Mode. Not really but sounded like from my singers. But that's just a personal note of preference. For my ear it's just a little bit too lazy on the vocals. But there's really nice guitar work here and it shouldn't detract from the overall song enjoyment. I also like that the song wasn't just a series of breakneck Riffs. It also has some slowdowns. During the slowdown to get to hear a little more of the drummer skill. It's a here a little bit more attenuation to the notes.

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