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Fair Pay or Fair Game?

A few months before Election Night 2014, I was listening to Senator Elizabeth Warren on Rachel Madddow's quaint little show. Senator Warren says equal pay for women must be a campaign issue in 2014 elections and going forward.


Was the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act signed into law by President Barack Obama not the law heralded to close the gap in 2009? It was portrayed as vital to the success of all working women in America. Obviously the Equal Pay Act of 1963 signed into law by the President John F. Kennedy failed, yes? There comes a point where it isn't a sincere issue being advocated but an election year whipping post to get out the vote for stagnant candidates with no interest in actually doing anything.

I look at this way. If you feel undervalued compared to your opposite gender's valuation for equal work, then take your talents to where you will be fairly compensated for your acumen and demonstrated ability. Then, outperform your previous employers who did not appreciate your skills. I'm cynical and I believe most political cause celebrities are nothing more than a means to get votes to keep the elected in power or keep whichever useless party in power over the other.

The mantra for the past twenty-plus years is this. It's about the brand, not the message. There is no message but the brand.


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