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Alexis Brown: The Leading Lady of Straight Line Stitch

I have followed Straight Line Stitch ever since I first heard their song, Black Veil. Being a metalradio DJ for years, I made every effort to attend all the shows they played locally. There was the added benefit of interviewing them when time provided.

Alexis Brown, the vocalist in the band, has a great range from sweetly clear to hyperaggressive screams that cover every emotion you can fathom dream up in the human spectrum. She is a rare talent in her ability to communicate with her larynx and her motions as she uses it.

The band is great in live shows as Alexis takes the lead in going off on stage. She gets into every song with 110% of her sweat, flesh, and blood. I have the pictures to prove it! The picture in the post is a shot I got with her after a show they played in my town. There is nothing cuter than Alexis hustling to get glasses of for the photo. She is blind as a bat without them. We had a great conversation that night and she is truly an inspiration to me.

I will be a fan of Straight Line Stitch until I am no more.

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k2705 wrote on January 12, 2015, 4:33 PM

I have never heard of these before, I don't have a particular favourite group I like all sorts of music.