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Poetry Review – Walt Whitman – Passage To India Verse 8


Whitman compares the engineering completion of the Suez canal and safer sailing over the oceans to India to finding a more direct communication channel to God.

He envisages setting off on his personal inner yet transcendental voyage with hymnal sea-shanties in his heart.

Whitman feels that direct harmony between man and nature is a greater way to feel God than any priest’s sermon or services.

Nearing his destination (getting old), Whitman is overwhelmed by a sense of multiple universes each infinitely bigger than the now modest stretch of water between America and India.

Knowing in his heart that he is close to making direct contact with his God, Whitman is suddenly fearful of the remaining few leagues to travel, though he feels he will be greeted with open arms on his arrival.

Arthur Chappell


Image Credit » Photo Whitman & Shakespeare taken by me.

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jackfrank wrote on January 13, 2015, 7:34 AM

A great pioneer, he set the tone for the modern era, camped out on the edge of the darkness waiting for the world to catch up with him.