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Until the very end, until the day that all will be gone, you are the only one that i will love, you are the only one that i will need, you are the only one that i will praise, just beleive that you will never cry again.

And if still he is the only one you love, I'll promise that i you will never see me again, As long as you are happy, I will still wait for you, Until the very end of the world.

I will never forget you, I will never leave you, Your name was engraved in my palm. Will she forget all that we 've been through?, I will never forget you, no.

Life's so short, don't ever think to give up, for all the problems you've been through, will you giving up now?

Don't lose hope, cause you are not alone, in good time and bad times you have a friend to lean on,

Whatever trials it might be, What ever will come, Even when tommorow will fade out, Sun will rise again.

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