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Beauty is hard work

I should also mention that it's very expensive.

I noticed a bottle in one of my drawers the other day and I was amazed that I still had some of the wrinkle reducer that I bought about ten years ago from Avon. I remember it as being very effective and reducing the appearance of the the lines in my face that were showing up even then and of course, are now here to stay, having taken up permanent residency around my mouth eyes and across my forehead.

That was weeks ago. Maybe months ago, I lose track of time. In all that time, that very expensive and wonderful line reducing product sat on my nightstand. I never applied it.

One thing I have learned is that if you don't apply a product, you have a much lower chance of it working.

And this is my basic problem. I don't seem to have time to be beautiful, or younger-looking or even to eradicate the tell-tale signs of age. I can't tackle the huge furrows on my brow, let along the fine lines around my eyes. I am almost completely useless when it comes to preventative beauty treatments.

I don't apply hand cream until my skin is so dry that it cracks and bleeds. I just don't think of it. Beauty can be bought, but it also must be applied. A cabinet full of creams won't do you any good unless you use them.

Anyway, this morning I looked especially old and finally decided to grab that bottle of wrinkle killer. And oh my goodness, what a lovely difference it made.

I went online to see if I could order more. Even if this bottle was only half empty, I am sure to continue getting older beyond the time it will last me, so I am going to need lots more. What I discovered is that they don't make it anymore.

I can only buy this product from people who have been hoarding it and now are selling it for prices akin to those that a pair of Levis would have brought when sold on the black market behind the Iron Curtain in the 70s. He who hesitates is lost. And wrinkled.

I don't have the two most important things necessary to be beautiful. Money and determination.

I am destined to be poor and wrinkled.

I am destined to be poor and wrinkled.

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Feisty56 wrote on January 9, 2015, 10:59 AM

I enjoy your quirky sense of humor. It's true -- any of those products work much better when we open the bottle or jar and use the product. Like you, I don't have the funds or the energy to try and hide what time has wrought. It's okay, though, because we are authentic -- something that cannot be said for everyone.

j2401 wrote on January 9, 2015, 11:04 AM

Im not too bothered about a few wrinkles, I never use hand cream until my hands are really dry.

ison1 wrote on January 9, 2015, 11:18 AM

Hello Anja. hahaha, that's funny. You need to speak to &Beautybuff she has been getting some real bargains from Korea (although I can't say for sure that's not N Korea ) :)

inkedwriter wrote on January 9, 2015, 11:27 AM

I'd hate to be a woman for this reason. The lines around my eye, which I've always had, add character apparently. In women, they are just viewed as a sign of being an old hag. I like lines, as there are some great life stories to be found when you read between them.

Anja wrote on January 9, 2015, 12:30 PM

My mother had beautiful skin, but she applied her creams every day no matter what. I get up , grab coffee, and sit at the computer. I never do any of those good things one should do. And they're expensive, whoo-boy!

GedWrites wrote on January 9, 2015, 2:37 PM

I don't know what to say apart from, I like your humorous take on this even though there is quite a serious note to it. Stay you that is all people ask. I'm a man what do I know anyway emoticon :smile:

maramadalina wrote on January 9, 2015, 3:16 PM

Ha ha ha . That's funny! emoticon :smile: I prefer natural products for beauty maintenance. But you're right, the beauty is quite expensive and I'd say it is also ephemeral.

BodieMor wrote on January 9, 2015, 4:54 PM

I have one (holistic) cream that I apply at night and in the morning after washing my face. It's all I can manage. But I can certainly see the difference between my skin and that of my friends who have always taken good care with their skincare regimes. (And you are one funny woman! Every day I look forward to your droll observations!)

Anja wrote on January 9, 2015, 6:15 PM

whatever you do, never use chapstick. Chapstick contains exfoliants that actually cause your lips to crack and chap more as soon as you stop using it. Its addictive. It's evil. Stay away.

Anja wrote on January 9, 2015, 6:16 PM

well, you can laugh or you can cry. Laugh and the world laughs with you. Or sometimes they just think you're a loon and have you put away.

Anja wrote on January 9, 2015, 6:17 PM

Lines add character to a man's face. They add nothing to a woman's face or at least nothing anyone wants.

Anja wrote on January 9, 2015, 6:18 PM

I can't say I am too interested because I get a little bit worried about what the ingredients might be.

Anja wrote on January 9, 2015, 6:18 PM

I would say that beauty is very expensive and very hard to pin down.

Anja wrote on January 9, 2015, 6:19 PM

I have no choice but to continue being me. Trust me I've looked into other options.

Anja wrote on January 9, 2015, 6:20 PM

I put hand cream on when my hands actually hurt. Until then, I don't really notice.

stbrians wrote on January 9, 2015, 11:32 PM

I love natural beauty. all that one applies is skin deep and fades or gets finished

seren3 wrote on January 10, 2015, 6:21 AM

I have found that the Badger brand lip balms and the Dr. Bronner's Hemp oil balms are wonderful! I have never liked Chapstick.

GedWrites wrote on January 10, 2015, 9:58 AM

You could be something else but you might as well wait until you come back as a lottery winner living in that mansion you always wanted. Dreams can come true can't they?

phoenixmaid wrote on January 10, 2015, 6:33 PM

haahaa I really should go and use some of the vast collection I have left over from my avon rep days, and my body shop days, oh then theres the gift lotions and the purchases from before i started looking after my sister, im not wrinkled yet but i really should do something to combat the ciggies I smoke. it's a shame you are so far away you could come over have a root and pick some potions.

trufflehunter wrote on January 12, 2015, 12:37 PM

Well, what can we do? Some women can be bothered while others can't. I like to think I am in between.

rana199426 wrote on January 13, 2015, 9:07 PM

Yeah, one must endure all of that to become beautiful lol unless they get born beautiful but I believe that no one is perfect..

Sheilamarie78 wrote on January 15, 2015, 2:43 PM

Well, that makes two of us. I can't afford either the cost or the time. But don't they say beauty comes from within? (That's my excuse.)

shaggin83 wrote on January 28, 2015, 12:09 PM

I started getting creases around my eyes right after I had my daughter. I was 21 I remember and going to boscovs beauty counters and looking for products to help. I never used any products and now I have deep creases across my forehead about 5 of them at age 31. I hate it. I have worse then any of my friends even who are older. My sister has NONE and she is 14 months older then me. Nothing I have tried to fill them in and cover them up has worked.

Lushlala wrote on February 1, 2015, 4:58 AM

I don't know if you meant for this to have a comedic twist, but it got a giggle out of me :) I'm a self proclaimed beauty product junkie, but I always ensure I get my money's worth by using every little drop of all the potions I pay for!