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In Honor Of J. Dwight Pentecost

Dwight J. Pentecost was one of the foremost theologians of our time. He was a scholar, an excellent expositor of the Word of God, a theologian par excellence, author of the monumental book "Things To Come" and most of all a man who manifested Christ in his life.

He was a man of one goal and aim---Christ. Christ was not only prominent in his life, He was also preeminent. He died at a good old age, 99 years old. He was a very, very godly man.

I got teary-eyed watching his memorial service at Dallas Theological Seminary. I was encouraged by his life.

I had to write something in honor and in tribute to him. To Doctor P., thanks so much sir for your excellent teaching of the Word of God, your example and your legacy.

This one's for you Sir! I am going to talk to you someday along with Harry Ironside, Lewis Sperry Chafer, John Walvoord, the apostle Paul and many others.

See ya at the Rapture!

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