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How to stay positive

I really just feel in a good mood today (I don't really know why) so I decided to write this article on how to stay positive. In the world, there are always so many problems that we constantly have to think about and it can be depressing. Sometimes, our problems are really 'real' problems and are not stuff that have been blow out of proportion our minds. But most of the time, they are. Our minds are programmed to worry about the smallest of things. This can be good in many situations which require a lot of caution. But sometimes, when we worry too much about certain things, we turn out severely depressed and sad. This is not good for our mental health and can have many negative side-effects. Also, this can also lead to us becoming less adventurous and more hesitant to trying new things. This can get in the way of our mental growth and may be hindering our ability to pursue our dreams. Life is such a beautiful thing. Why waste time worrying when you could be making a difference in the world somewhere? Take the chance and everything will be fine. Anything in the world could go wrong no matter how many precautions you take. If you fail, at least you will know that you tried but fate wasn't on your side. Follow your gut. If you fail in one aspect, try another. I am certain that there are other ways to achieve your goal. Can't qualify for a certain course at your dream university? Be flexible and try another university. You may qualify and who knows, you may enjoy it even more! ( I speak from experience). We spend so much time obsessively worrying about our problems, we never stop and think how minor our problems actually are. And because we always waste time wallowing in self pity, we never actually sit down and think of the good things that have happened to us. I am completely certain that if you think hard enough, you would realize that many more good things than bad things have happened to you.

However, sometimes, no matter how small the problem may actually be it may have a major impact on us. For example, upon failing a test in school, despite how an insignificant little part of our life it may constitute, to the boy who failed, it would feel like the end of the world. If you are going through a moment like that, then all I can say is: Don't fret. It may seem like a big thing now but one day, when you look back on it (that is, if you can remember it!) you will realize how you managed to turn a molehill into a humongous mountain. Everything will get better in no time. I am sure of it.

That's all I have for all of you guys for today and I hope I have been of some help to you and if you feel slightly better after reading this, then, well, my job is done!

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FancyFree74 wrote on January 8, 2015, 8:29 AM

love this post because I can relate. I suffer from severe depression and worry about everything. Even if I try to trick my mind into not worrying, I worry. I am trying to improve my faith but it's so difficult when one bad thing after another keeps happening. I realize that worrying will not get me anywhere, but i do it anyway. Thanks for your post. emoticon :smile: