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Advice for a great holiday Down Under

The region that I have visited as a tourist the most number of times is undoubtedly the region Down Under: Australia and New Zealand. And as I have been to different towns there many different times of the year, I feel that I am qualified enough to share my experiences there as well as give some advice to tourists travelling there. So here it is: 10 pieces of advice for people going Down Under.

If you are from outside the Commonwealth, you will have to get used to the British English used there

The Australian accent can be a bit confusing to other native English speakers

If you are visiting the Northern Areas (Queensland, Northern Territory) in the summer (Dec-Jan), please bring along sunscreen, mosquito repellent or anything else you need to handle hot places. Pack like you are going somewhere tropical(As a large part of the far northern portion of Australia is)

If you are going during winter, Melbourne and Christchurch are a must-see. The cold will really complement the beautiful European atmospheres of these places

Autumn is a perfect time to see Canberra, the capital of Australia, as the leaves turn from green to a beautiful yellow/orange

Summer is perfect for both visiting the beaches of Brisbane and the Gold Coast as well as seeing the beautiful Fjords of Fjordland in New Zealand, as it isn't too cold there

If you are really adventurous and really want to explore the deserts of Australia and the Outback, please do so in the cooler half of the year (March-September) as the rest of the year is really sweltering

Sydney and Auckland are great for shopping and sight-seeing but not the places for an authentic experience which you can't find anywhere else

Take the tram if you ever get the privilege to go to Melbourne, the most beautiful place in all of Australia, in my opinion.You can even opt to have dinner on the tram.

If you hate wind, do stay away from Wellington: The wind there can literally blow you away.

Ok, that's all the advice I have got. Australia is truly a beautiful place which has yet to be visited by many. Don't be afraid of any rumours you might here like "Australia has dangerous animals which will kill you" because even though there are many dangerous animals, they rarely kill anyone, unless you provoke them :).

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