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Writing Sites (2010 - Present)

In 2010 Google , through it’s Adsense, made the proclamation that it was going to punish ‘ Content Farms’ .

A Content Farm is a site which publishes a certain kind of rubbish. I’ll give you an example. Let’s suppose you do a ‘What’s Trending’ Search and find out that 'Mosquito Nets’ are filling search boxes. You write this article;

“Today, everyone is interested in Mosquito Nets.
Every where you look people are talking about Mosquito Nets.
There is no mystery to Mosquito Nets.
One can buy a Mosquito Net or make their own Mosquito Net.”

You notice it doesn’t say anything.

Tomorrow you do a search and find out that 'Muesli’ is trending.
You write an article;

“Today everyone is interested in Muesli.
Every where you look people are talking about Muesli.
There is no...” (you get the idea).

Now this kind of an article can go on and on for 1000 words and not say anything. But! If you do a Search for Mosquito Nets this article will probably come right behind the Wikipedia entry. That is because the 'Key Words’ (Mosquito Net) is repeated so many times that the A.I. is convinced this article is discussing the topic the Searcher is looking for.

Hubpages, to name one site, was crammed with these kinds of 'articles’. The 'writers’ had their 'templates’ and all they needed to do was glide out of bed, and while they were drinking their morning coffee do a search and get today’s topic, then bring up an article they wrote yesterday and do a 'Find and Replace’.

Everywhere they had 'mosquito nets’ they now have 'muesli’. They save the item, post it on Hub pages, get a few stock photos, and before lunch they’ve got 40k hits.
And who pays?
And what is Adsense paying for?

So out came Penguin and then Panda, two algorithms that would grab these kinds of articles and toss them. But, to make it easy, the site, i.e. Hubpages, would have every article begin with minus points so that nothing would ever be on the first few pages of a Google.

This hit Hubpages which did its best to recover and recreate itself. This hit Triond, which did nothing, and now doesn’t show up on a because its hits are so low.


In 2009 was created but it wasn’t until 2010 that it started to get the attention. It pays very little for a lot, A LOT, of work. You have to write about 1k words, you have to use images, you have to have links, and bold words.

If you do this, you’ll get a ‘Star’ and be featured.

Wikinut has human moderators so junk will be tossed, but as the checking for images, links, bold words are done by A.I. most of the ‘Star’ pages are crap.

You may find, out of today’s bunch, one or two good items, but the majority are crap. As the crap writers are very prolific and the site doesn’t spot light it’s best items, (as Factoidz used to do) the newer Star Pages replace the older ones. If you don’t get a Star, if your article isn’t featured, you are not getting hits. Unless you are beloved by the various Networking sites, you are not getting hits.

Wikinut does pay, but making 62c is fairly common.


This is another demand a lot of work and pay bad site. On top of that, this site goes down periodically. It will down for Months. Not over night; Months. Further, the amount of work demanded, the viciousness of the moderators is such that it is a must miss.


This site grew out of a dissatisfaction with Expertcolumn. It demands a lot of work and doesn’t pay. I don’t know if it will continue to exist much longer.


Created by the same person who did Expertpages, this site also demands a lot of work. It is heavily moderated but the mods are helpful. I can’t vouch that it pays.


Another creation by the same person who brought you Expertpages, this site demands very little work but pays. It pays very little because it doesn’t have many hits, but it pays.


The greatest scam on the Net has to be Bubblews. This site practices the following 'policy’. It will pay the first time. It claims to pay for views, hits, comments and likes.

Originally it was a $25 ceiling and one would be paid within three days. This 'proof’ that the site was legit would have people writing their fingers off, going for the next pay out. They would have loaded the site with dozens of articles, put in for payment, see their Earnings reset to Zero, and keep writing, expecting that next check.

That next check NEVER came.

One would try to contact Bubblews and be lied to. One would reach their third pay out, put in, and that would NEVER come. Complain too much? Kicked off the site.

The best part, however, were the Shills. These characters were paid. Some were paid by the site to run around the Net and attack everyone who complained about the site. Hence you’d see them blasting; “You were kicked off because you Broke The Rules!”

Now how would they know that?
They don’t.
They are either corrupt or stupid.

Those who are corrupt are those directly paid by the site to attack others. Those who are just stupid are those who have 'always’ been paid. These people have lured dozens of others on to the site. They live in America, and the owner of Bubblews knows they can make trouble. The vast majority of users of Bubblews are ripped off. If they haven’t been ripped off, add the word 'yet’. To prove how stupid people are, Bubblews went from paying three days after a redemption to paying two weeks, three weeks, now a month, two months after a redemption is put in. And, it has raised it’s threshold to $50.

You can understand why it has so many suckers despite the warnings.

Teckler was a rip from day one, it is gone. So was Cashmystuido . These two popped up and anyone could see they were rips. A few people joined, but most were smart enough to give it a wide berth, which is why they never became Bubbles.

There are other sites, which spring up like weeds, rip off the writers, and collapse. Some demand a lot of work, some very little. The point is, before you join, do a search. You can go to or simply put “bubblews”+scam in a search box.

There are ways you can protect yourself when you aren’t sure, but that’s another article.

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CarolynNoblett wrote on January 7, 2015, 8:52 PM

Goodness I have written on Bubblews for a couple of years and been paid for every redemption. I've made several hundred dollars. I sort of resent being called stupid. I'm not a shill, corrupt, nor did I ever attack anyone. Too bad you had a bad experience.

Soonerdad3 wrote on January 7, 2015, 9:08 PM

That's good you did not get ripped off, but there is an overwhelming number of people that did get ripped off including myself. So, you can continue to defend them all you want, but it does not change what they did to us.

Tallawah wrote on January 8, 2015, 9:36 AM

I bet you live in America and came under the 'blanket' of those Arvind will always pay. But you have to look around. Sure, no one ever told you to go to the 'back of the bus' no one ever said to you that you can't use this bathroom; but that doesn't mean that it didn't have to thousands of people. The VAST majority have had bad experiences.

Tallawah wrote on January 8, 2015, 9:38 AM

That has been the major selling point of Bubble. "It Never happened to me!" screams WriterA, so that hundreds of people think, oh, Tallawah and Sooner 'BROKE THE RULES', I won't so it Won't happen to Me!!!!

The fact that getting paid is no longer a few days or weeks but months doesn't register on the minds of the Bubble Crew. I think Arvind it putting it off because he's going to have to disappear.

Tallawah wrote on January 10, 2015, 10:11 AM

I suspect the FBI is breathing down his neck and he's doing what Quac did before he shut Factoidz.

One of the 'cutest' things Quac did, (that's Mike Quac the Ponzi of Factoidz) was to have his 'lawyer' send a letter to those who complained, threatening to sue them for 'defamation'.

His 'lawyer' would also write to sites on which one had posted the warning, trheatening to sue them unless they took down the complaint.

I suspect this is Arvind's next step.

Tallawah wrote on January 10, 2015, 6:02 PM

You'd like to think a search of Arvind Dixit. He worked for yahoo voices. That was a place which ripped off every one. He knew exactly what he was doing, he set up his site the way he did for the purpose of rip off. There is no accident.

Here's the pattern.

Create a site and load it with stuff you've taken from all about the net to make it look busy. (his first step)
Run around the net, join writing sites under duals and invited people to you site. (second step)
Pay everyone that first ime, and ask some to run around and get newbies. (third step)
Always pay the Newbie and use a portion to pay those who bring in the most referrals. (fourth step)
Don't pay those you don't have to (fifth step)
Make the redemption higher so it takes longer to reach it (sixth step)
Make the time between redemption and payment longer (seventh step)
Pay as few people as possible and keep as much money for yourself (eighth step)

What's next?
z) sell the site
b) walk away from it
c) close it