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Sale shopping...

Hello all,

I went out shopping with my mum today and we went into the sale section in a well known clothing shop! I picked out a number of items that I wanted to buy, chuffed with my selection and I headed to the checkout!

At the checkout all of the items were fine, other than one top that I had picked up along side all of the others. It was still scanning at its full price so I got the checkout operator to check and she agreed it should be so called over her supervisor who came over.

When the supervisor came over, she was the rudest person I have come across! She was patronizing calling me "Sweetheart" I am sorry i probably was older than her! Then she said nope the top was full price and basically accused me of lying when I said that they were all in the section "No no, that one must of been there by mistake" Um no! I even checked afterwards!

I also didn't take the top so they missed out there!!

I am tempted to complain!

Other than that I have had a wonderful day!

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McIntire wrote on January 9, 2015, 4:29 PM

That has happened to me, and it's disappointing, isn't it? But maybe someone had it and went to the sale section, found something nicer and cheaper, and just dropped it there instead of putting it back? However, the manager had no right to be condescending or rude to you!

makeachange wrote on January 9, 2015, 4:43 PM

No this item wasn't a one off in the sale section. They had all the tops in all the sizes on a arm in the sale section marked! I had a call back from the shop today tho and made a proper complaint!