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In recent times, domestic violence has been on the increase in many homes. This has to do with the beating of wives, molestation of children and other related inhuman acts against members of the family. Men are usually blamed or caught up in the negative acts and very often, they turn their wives into punching bags, dishing out blows here and there and thinking they are in a world title fight. In the long run, they hurt everyone around them and their children who witness this begin to fear them and see them as beats. They fear to socialize and hence lose touch with their daddies.
Some wives do not report such cases to the police and human right organizations for fear that should the husbands get arrested ,they, the women would not be able to take care of their children alone as the bread winner would be behind bars.
Some women would even tell lies when they have swollen eyes which is an indication that they have been abused by husbands. Very often, children whose parent abused each other grow up to do same. Most often, the legal system and the law courts drag such cases for so long that the interested parties would not like to pursue the case. Some people would prefer to live everything to God. But how many of us here would do that? Especially women in abusive marriages. I have a simple advice for those who are not married. If you are in an abusive relationship, you better start reading the signs in the sky before you get entangled in marriage.

We should blend calmness, dialogue, love, friendship , understanding and patience in settling and solving marital problems and make our marriages perfect in all expected even in the month of love.


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