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There is a small bell in my heart, which has a loud sound. When i do the right thing it gets excited over it but when i do the wrong thing, it worries me all day long. Oh my conscience you have been with me all this long including this day. Banging on my hearts door and smashing my mind with the right things that i have to do. As another wonderful day has been given birth to by Mother Nature so shall you be around again. Let your voice be heard in my actions, in my thoughts and my every step through the day. Let you bell ring loudest today and allow me not to do what is wrong. Put along my path today your signpost of Yes do it, no it’s not good for you, yeah the wish of God for your life, No do not touch it and all the others.

Do not leave me alone in the presence of my weaknesses for I am just a human with a human nature that is ready to go astray. Lead me with you iron hand drag me along the day’s journey with your love.
My conscience, do not become weak for that would spell my doom. I hate to see you around but I love your correction and suggestions. I am living everything into the hands of God the creator who put you in charge of me to see us through.
I am not ignorant of the wrongs that will come tempting but I know you’ve got what is takes to curtail my stubborn heart that is constantly ready to backslide I will be a good follow in doing the right things today and God be my helper


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Anja wrote on June 9, 2014, 12:37 PM

I love your posts. So uplifting, good thoughts for the day to keep my mind and heart fixed on God. Thank you.