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Stacy Keach in Mike Hammer Series!

I watch an excellent interview with Stacy Keach the other night on World Over news. He is such an humble person.

The interview started off him telling about both parents were in acting at one time and he also told of his family life.

Stacy was so popular in the long time running series called Mike Hammer. Fans loved him so much, they would do anything to get a glimpse of him.

Stay talked of his parents, He seemed to have a happy family life.

With Stacy's own life of ups and downs he really was never out of work for long because he had so many gigs going on such as in film, on stage live, audio voice, to name a few.

I believe Stacy holds to his convictions that life can be good in acting or anything you do as long as it is done with good values incorporated into ones life. Not following the crowd and what they do has its advantages.

Stacy has won the 2014 Will Award for his outstanding Shakespearean portrayals.

Stacy has a new book out called All in All, which is his biography of his life. He is a writer and enjoys writing. He writes of his entire life and tells all including his bout with cocaine. His recovery is a miraculous one. Many a time it is when we are brought down to our knees that we begin to see the truth of our life in the worse sense. One can change that ugly picture pretty quick.

I admire Stacy for being honest and forth coming. Often times with addictions the person hides it so they can keep doing it using every excuse in the world to admit to themselves and others it not an addiction. Lies are often used with family members.

Stacy is a person of God living his life entirely different now with such vigor and energy that still keeps him going with his acting and many other things.

It is great to know something came out good out of his life for him. There is always hope for anyone who has addictions. God gave Stacy that hope and something to cling too each day of his life. He would be the first to admit this. But you have to be open to receiving to see the end results.

Stacy will always be a actor I will admire and watch and listen to. I would guess he has many many fans today who feel the same way, because they understand we all make mistakes, it is what we choose to do with those mistakes that makes us or breaks us. I hope he will continue acting and writing for a very long time. I for one will be watching and waiting for his next big screen or next big book. It is not always we have a legend in our time that has turned his life around and wrote about it.

Congratulations Stacy Keach on your award. May you win more.

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Brenda wrote on January 5, 2015, 10:34 PM

Very good article Sis. Sounds like a good book for those to read on addictions or just an inspirational read.

rjsezack wrote on January 6, 2015, 9:03 AM

He is a good actor, and we will have to read his book.