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An Atheistic Bible Study Of The Song Of Solomon Chapter 7

The never named woman who narrates the song of praise to Solomon feels good in herself as she is encouraged to dress well and groom herself to her finest in the hope of being noticed by him – her self esteem runs very high.

Again she compares his physique to various wonders and works of both man and nature, from palm trees to the towers of the main temple in Damascus.

She wants his full undivided attention, and to make love to him in the vineyards while the vines grow their grapes – it is wishful thinking given her dream-lover has in reality a kingdom to run, but the fantasy never gives in to reality or shattered hope once.

There is great beauty in the Song Of Songs (the book’s alternative title) – it is the Bible’s very own Fifty Shades Of Grey.

Arthur Chappell

Image Credit » Photo Saint Lukes Church, Moston, Manchester, taken by me.

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soupdragon wrote on January 5, 2015, 12:28 PM

I think that whether you believe in the truth of the Bible or not, there are some great stories to be found in it.

micksy1983 wrote on January 5, 2015, 3:33 PM

I take from the bible the same as I take from old mythology stories. Morals, info and entertainment but maybe not truths

BodieMor wrote on January 6, 2015, 8:58 PM

"...The Bible's own 'Fifty Shades of Grey'"? That should garner The Good Book some extra readers from unexpected quarters!