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What The Agent (Employee) Thinks About Their Supervisor (Boss) And The Other Way Around?

The following statements are based from true-to-life story of every day operation in a call center industry:

Hi, I’m Trixie. I am a fresh grad from University of San Isidro and I took Bachelor of Science in Hotel and Restaurant Management course. After I graduated, I decided to apply in a call center in Ortigas, Pasig City Philippines. Luckily, I got regularized and it’s my first year today here in my company. I am planning to transfer to different company just like the other tenured agents. Most of us quit in our present company because of our incompetent supervisor that we have. She doesn't recognize us whenever we do good things for our company. She always sees our low metrics. She does not even know how to fix our punch in, punch out (timestamp) in our Kronos. I always have a dispute. I don’t deserve to be treated like this! She rarely takes my escalation calls because I KNOW SHE DOESN'T HAVE SUFFICED PRODUCT KNOWLEDGE AND SHE HAS AUDACITY TO BE A SUPERVISOR? WOW! Her voice is actually irritating every time they tell us to lower down our Average Handling Time with our customers. These people in their post are bunch of lazy! They don't know what we're going through because they're not the one who are taking calls. I dare them to take calls for 8 hours. I’m fed up with this!

Hello, I’m Maggie. I work in this company for straight 6 years as a supervisor but before I attained this position, I became agent first for one and a half year and then I applied for a supervisor post and I got hired. I thought I would never be hired because I was not a good agent in my past. I decided to turn over a new leaf because I was more than a year back then and I should move up. Being a leader is a very difficult task because aside from my agents concern that I have to attend, I also have my personal issues in life that I have to face. Clients are really strict and my agents don’t have any idea how to be grilled in front of our clients regarding their individual metrics and our team metrics. Every Thursday, I always have ways to keep them and save them because our Operation Manager wants them to be removed in our company due to their mediocre and substandard metrics. I am unlucky that I have few team members who are not performing. I also heard that one of my agents was complaining about her Kronos, that she has lots of disputes. Kronos is accurate and I don’t want my integrity to be questioned because she’s always tardy and absent and she wants me to edit the time of her tardiness. She can’t even present any medical certificate. It’s my prerogative to let it go that’s why she’s not getting any corrective action (incident report). I want to be by-the-book but I know how hard to get a job nowadays.
As much as possible, I don’t want to take escalation calls from my agents who are tenured already because aside from bunch of admin tasks, calibrations and meetings that I need to attend, I know that they could handle it. Whenever I listen to their recorded calls, they’re not deescalating it. They’re no longer taking the responsibility to resolve the problem. I’m fed up with this!

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crowntower wrote on February 10, 2015, 12:02 AM

this is another laugh out loud issue... though it is really serious, but hearing their own sentiments daily is not a good and healthy thing to deal with. So whenever it happens I always think of good thing and don't get things very seriously, because the truth they are both at fault. All they have to do is to have honesty and integrity. Because if they have those characteristics I have no doubt that they can rely on each other because they don't have to fret about each others' fault.