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Attract Money Now by Joe Vitale - Book Review

I love to read, and I've always had a particular soft spot for self-improvement books. I think there is something to be learned from all of them even if we don't fully agree with what they teach. Those of you familiar with the concept of the Law of Attraction will probably recognize Joe Vitale from the movie The Secret which is based on the the book of the same name written by Rhonda Byrne.

Joe Vitale has written many books on the Law of Attraction as well. I just finished reading Attract Money Now. In this book, Joe Vitale outlines seven steps that you should follow to attract all manner of abundance to your life. This particular book focuses on money, but the steps can really be used to attract anything you want. The steps include altering how you think, giving without expectation, thinking like an entrepreneur and helping your community and your world among others.

Overall, I think this is a very solid book with clear explanations. He also offers what he calls "action steps" at the end of each chapter to help you achieve your goal. If you are already familiar with the Law of Attraction, you probably won't find much new in this book, but if you are just starting to learn about this concept, then I think this book, or any of Joe Vitale's books, is a great place to start. The only thing I would point out about this book is that it does have a little twinge of infomercial toward the end since he promotes his other books and products. That's understandable since he does have to run his business, and I don't begrudge him that.

I enjoyed reading Attract Money Now, and I am going to read more of his books in the future.

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MsTina wrote on January 3, 2015, 6:29 PM

I'm reading Tony Robbins book on money right now. I've actually been working on it for a few weeks because I never have time to read. I've resolved to get it done this month and it has some really good information packed within its 600 pages.

JustMe wrote on January 3, 2015, 6:57 PM

I will look for his book. I've listened to some of his CDs, but I haven't read his books.

MakeMoneyOnline wrote on January 4, 2015, 1:56 PM

I like Joe Vitale and read several of his books and was a subscriber one of his "interview series" and it was great. You have to watch out, though, I think in the recent years, he's really going into the "magic" and "spiritual" dimension, which is OK to a degree but it mustn't get you thinking that you can actually manifest physical things with your thoughts. True that visualization helps organize your thoughts and focus your unconscious mind towards your goals but there's nothing "magical" working here. No fairy dust and no metaphysical forces. Just "regular" applied psychology :)

JustMe wrote on January 4, 2015, 2:17 PM

Yes, I have noticed that in some of his later works. I agree with you. There is no magical potion.