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A Very Merry New Year

Here we are at the start of a new calendar year. As with all new beginnings it is a time of excitement, and hope. My family was together for the holidays for the first time in many years. There is only four of us siblings and only one who lives far enough away to make getting together difficult. Gathering for the holidays was something we all needed in the worst way. We laughed, we ate, we drank, we celebrated. We rang out the old year and rang in a new year with style and abundance. 2014 was a challenging year for most of my family. For me it was financial, for others it was emotional. By the time the holidays came around I think we were all more than ready to leave 2014 behind us.

We stand in a magical place now. The beginning of anything is magical. Before us is a endless field of possibilities. We stand at the threshold of infinite potential. Before us stretches another 365 days in which we can choose to live to the limits. I feel 2015 will hold many wonderful things. I feel it will be a prosperous year. An abundant year. A year of love, joy, kindness, and peace. We started things off on such a positive foot, simply by being together. The energy of the joy we've shared has been sent out and will return to us with many gifts of abundance.

While I am still experiencing some financial woes, I feel things will begin to turn around for me in 2015. Abundance will be mine to have and to share! I wish everyone what I wish for my self: love, joy, true happiness, abundance, health, and peace.


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