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Homeschooling in NY State - part two

Now, back to my series on homeschooling in New York state. You can read part one here:

Here are some more concerns that parents who are interested in homeschooling have when they are considering on whether homeschooling is best for their family:

Concern number four: what about social interaction? That's a great question. Social interaction is not just about hanging out with peers your own age in a tiny room all day. In fact, a classroom environment is the only place where you'll be around people your own age all day. Real world interaction involves more. Do you go to church? Do you take your kids on play dates? Do you go to the library? Take a bus? Visit family? Your child(ren) are better able to learn how to interact with others, by actually interacting with others. If you are choosing to homeschool because you want to bubble wrap your children for outside influence altogether? Well, that isn't really a good idea. They'll be completely out of the loop when they have to enter the real world some day.

Concern number five: are homeschooled children thought of as weird or bullied? Um, have you been in a school setting? Even if they are thought of a weird or bullied for being homeschooled, they could just as easily experience the same when in a public or private school setting. Don't let this be a reason to deter you. Before I even considered homeschooling the children, I had a coworker who had been homeschooled and then her brother came and worked with us too. They are pretty awesome people. In my last job, one of the counselors and lifeguards was homeschooled, she was a total sweetheart and awesome with everyone. Remember the kids you found "weird" when IN school? Yeah, people who are going to be thought of as weird are everywhere.

Concern number six: where do I start if I want to do this? Well, read the guidelines and regulations in the link below and I will address this more in part 3 of the series.

For more about the regulations of homeschooling in NY: read here -

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Part three to my series can be found here :

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