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Homeschooling in NY State - part one

I know plenty of New Yorkers in general who would love to know how to go about in NY state. Watching the media and seeing the rates of high school drop outs, the crime rates among high schoolers, bullying and suicide stories on the media, concerns about the children needing to go through metal detectors, concerns about the stress of state exams, and more - many parents worry about what can they do and if they can do it.

I will address concern number one: homeschooling is LEGAL in all 50 states. There is no need to concern yourself that children's services will be called. There are even lawyers around the country that will come and assist you free or for a nominal fee to assist you in asserting your right to homeschool if you are told no for some reason. You can find out about resources here:

I will now address concern number two: am I capable of homeschooling? Do I have an requirements I need to meet? New York State does not have any set minimum guidelines for a parent in order to homeschool. You do not need a degree, a high school diploma or GED. This is a question that you need to ask yourself: Do you feel capable? How much do you know? Will you be able to pay for any sort of tutoring for your child in areas that may be difficult for you?

I will address concern number three: is it expensive to homeschool? I will say that this may vary. There are a lot of free resources available online for homeschoolers (and teachers in general). I use this for spelling and vocabulary: This website offers both worksheets and spelling words per grade level from 1st through 8th grades. I learned about it thanks to some of Alexander's and Olivia's public school teachers. They used to print out the work weekly for the children. I also looked up and printed the Dolch sight word list for words the kids should know how to read in pre-k and kindergarten as well as the early elementary school grades. Index cards are cheap. Sight words can be taught using index cards and made homemade.

I use Amazon to purchase textbooks because many older editions are available for just a penny plus $3.99 for shipping. $4 for a brand new (sometimes gently used) textbook isn't too shabby. Older editions are typically just a little different than the current textbook. I use textbooks and workbooks that are not common core. Just a personal preference. As a guideline, I use these books as well: What your kindergartner (first grader, etc) needs to know - which are written by E.D. Hirsch Jr. They run from kindergarten through 6th grade. Very helpful.

Homeschooling is only as expensive as you allow it to be. You can also find free and low cost activities for them to do in the community. Swimming at the local public pool. The YMCA afterschool program is relatively affordable and they offer grants for low income families. They have activities for teens as well. Your local library may have a teen program or an after school program or various monthly activities like a game night or movie night - free. There are local festivals to attend, sometimes free concert or Shakespeare in the park programs in place to attend. NYC in particular has discounted rates or places you can attend by donation such as the Bronx Zoo or the Museum of Natural History. Don't be fooled by the suggested admission price - on Wednesday at the Bronx Zoo you can donate anything in your budget or nothing at all (but you cannot enter rides or paid exhibits). The Museum of Natural History the admission is suggested, let's say you donate $10 for a family of 4, you can roam the museum, but cannot watch the IMAX movie or enter the planetarium. Some museums offer a Friday special from let's say 5pm to close - it's free entry. Read the fine print. Check out their websites directly.

For more about the regulations of homeschooling in NY: read here -

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Ruby3881 wrote on January 14, 2015, 11:30 AM

There are huge numbers of free homeschool resources online. I wasn't aware of the older textbook versions being so inexpensive on Amazon, though. That's very cool!