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I buy a lot of books, most of them rarely new. If there's a library sale, I want to know about it, as you can buy a box of book for around thirty dollars. Recently, I purchased some books off of a site where there is free shipping, rarely a book over 5.00, they donate some of the money, or a book, for ever book you purchase.

I'm not sure what constitutes a "haul". Does it have to be a certain number of books to be considered a haul? I purchased seven books from the site.

Hunger Games Series by Suzanne Collins

The books didn't come in the best condition, but I can fix that as fixing old books has become a hobby of mine. Though I've read the entire series, I had yet to actually own any of the books from it. Upon watching the movies, I realized I wanted to own them.

Hunger Games

Catching Fire


The Seven Realms Series by Cinda Williams Chima These books came in really amazing condition. I was surprised. I had to take off the plastic typical library covers as I hate the way they look, but afterward they looked lovely. They have beautiful covers. I'm not familiar with the series or the writer, but they came highly recommended from a friend I trust.

The books in the series are:

The Demon King

The Exiled Queen

The Grey Wolf Throne

The Crimson Crown

I still have a list of books I have to read before I can get to them, but I'm excited to being reading them.

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catsholiday wrote on January 2, 2015, 11:33 AM

You like quite different books from me - not keen on fantasy type

MStarDutchess wrote on January 2, 2015, 11:41 AM

I like all types of books. It's just in this instance I went for fantasy. If it's a book, I'll read it. About the only things I don't like are erotica with no plot. What type of books do you like?

JustMe wrote on January 2, 2015, 12:06 PM

Hello, fellow book lover :) What a wonderful hobby you have there. Restoring books must be so rewarding. I hope that you will show us a book you have fixed. I love library sales. I am lucky that my public library has a permanent book sale. I get most of my books there. I read just about everything. The only genre I never got into is the western genre.

VinceSummers wrote on January 3, 2015, 8:33 AM

Wow. You're clearly a reader. I have to admit I am not. I read few books, essentially none of them by modern authors.