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Invitation To The Write And Run 31 Challenge

There is this really nice and regular guy called Matt. What distincts him from others is that he is an accomplished ultra marathon runner and that he is running on vegetable fuel only.

Matt is also an established on line writer well known for his web site called No Meat Athlete . You are very welcome to take a look at it even if you don't share his (and mine) opinion of proper attitude towards the animals. Let me just say that I don't eat my friends.

I am a subscriber to his e-newsletter for quite some time. In it you can find tons of quality information about movement and nutrition.

Write And Run 31 Challenge

Matt, together with his sister Christine, came up with a great idea. They invite us to join in a Write And Run 31 Challenge. The rules are simple:

- from January 1st 2015 onward run daily and write daily.

That's it. Will you join us? Matt put up a special invitational page . There is also a Facebook group to connect all the participants of the challenge.

OK, you don't have to run for a physical part of this challenge. That is if you really hate running or you are not allowed to run because of a medication condition. You can walk. Or ride a bicycle. Or do something else fruitful for your body and mind.

Another sub-rule is that you try to make your articles at least 500 words long. You can publish them anywhere. Yes, Persona Paper counts as very strong anywhere.

For example, this article is already 264 words long. Which means that the writing part could be more challenging than the running part.

But who knows. Maybe the words flow out of you while your running pace matches one of a snail. I, for one, am doing both at snail's pace - running and writing.

The goal is to form a good habit and to establish a pattern, to get into rhythm.

Writing Prompts

Christine and Matt, the hosts of this challenge, have promised that they will provide us with daily writing prompts . It will be up to us to act on these prompts and write along the general idea derived from them.

To quote Christine's prompt for today: "Today, imagine it's January 31st, the last day of the challenge. Write about the steps you took to make your own luck this month.".

She already invites us to look into our future of successfully accomplished challenge and to learn from it. Great, don't you think so?

Join Us

So, what are you waiting for? Jump over to the invitational page and join the party. You won't regret it.

It will be a journey that you will be proud of. You will accomplish something both with your body and your mind. In one word - Ultramind .

I believe in you.

Me, myself and I

Better and better. Bong!

| #writeandrun31 | |

PS: this article is, all tags included, 531 words long. It represents around 15 minutes of writing and editing. Which is no small feat, believe me. My today's run was good hour long. It was easier to run than to write this :)

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iRun wrote on January 3, 2015, 10:38 PM

I thoroughly enjoyed this post, and I may join in the challenge. I pretty much run every day anyway, and since I found my way here to Persona Paper, I may as well be writing every day too, right? I am fairly active on facebook, some would say too active but I don't believe in too much of anything. My run today was actually short, and to be honest, I probably should've taken today off. Tomorrow morning I'm running a marathon in Camarillo and I have to leave here at 4 AM, in the dark, when it's likely going to be 28 degrees.

I would love to talk more and also connect with Matt. Any prompts or ideas for articles and more writing is an excellent way to enjoy this site and meet more people!