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Probux Strategy and Guide

Earning some penny? try my guide, tried and tested by me. Just remember that it takes time, so be patient. you just need proper account management and activity.

Earning even without investment

Step 1) Click advertisement everyday and when you have earned enough money, About 60 cents to 1 dollar, you can start renting some referrals. With the Standard Membership, you earn an additional $0.005 for each your advertisement referrals view. You can rent 3 referrals for 60 cents

Step 2) Once you have rented referrals under you, Change the Auto Pay to Enable in the refferal page. When a referral logs into their account and clicks on an ad, their rental history is automatically extended for one day.

Step3) Monitor your refferals acivity everyday. If any of them are inactive, recycle them for a new referral for $0.07 , do not let any inactive refferals stay for 3 days, recycle them immediately.

Step4) When you have earned $80.00, upgrade your account to Golden. The Standard membership will only allow you to rent up to 200 referrals, By upgrading to Golden you can rent up to 2000 referrals. Get atleast 500 rented refferals and after that, you can now decide on your own, you can rent more refferals or start cashing out your earnings. You can also invite some direct refferals if you want, direct refferals is the one that joined under your link.

Standards should maintain a clicking average of 2.0 in order to earn profit.

Recycle any referral who's average is below 1.3.

Recycle any referral that hasn't clicked in 3 days.

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allen0187 wrote on June 9, 2014, 12:17 AM

Not a big fan of PTCs. I've tried them before, got paid but eventually got bored. It seems you are earning with your PTC and with that I wish you continued success.

Jaffy wrote on June 9, 2014, 1:39 AM

Nice article. I use Probux too. I've the similar strategy.