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Excuse me

Excuse me, Can I talk to you for a Moment.

This line has many meanings, But where I am living it has only one meaning. India has a great population and some places are well developed and some are developing so do people.

I saw that guys and girls have different meaning for different words. Like if you want to say that I want to friendship with you so that means you are proposing her. They took friendship wrong. So do they also took that line wrong.

Excuse me, can I talk to you for a second? You will only get a answer that sorry I have a boyfriend. I am not talking that all girls are like that but some are still thinks that way. They took friendship a wrong word and also some other words too. That's not the fault of girls, even they also want to say something else and just stuck with the friendship word. Both of they knew that what they are going to say but still changed every word in dictionary.

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