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She is an Alien

Yesterday I was on streets with my friends and talking about something and what I saw that some people were watching Lady like She's an Alien.

So why they were watching, In India national language is Hindi and She's foreigner and her native language is English. So when she had a trouble of something then she asked those people in Hindi.

First two minutes they were like what the hell, How she knows Hindi so well. When she's gone and they started talking to each other that she speaks Hindi, etc. We were laughing at that time because people react like that they saw something amazing. Those People were villagers so I can understand they saw a Foreigner Lady speaking Hindi first time may be. That's why they react like they saw an Alien.

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lookatdesktop wrote on December 24, 2014, 8:57 AM

Still, she may be from another planet. You never know. LOL.