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Typical Indonesian food Yang Become Favorite Many People

Do you know the name of the food on this one ? The name of this food is a hodgepodge , food is one of the specialties of Indonesia . Surely this food to nourish the body and is suitable for you who like the vegetables , because these foods using vegetables , tubers , chili and peanuts . Usual vegetables were included in making this food is beans , kale , sprouts , cauliflower , melon , potatoes , and basil . In addition you can also add healthy foods such as eggs and others .

Here is its composition :

  1. Boil the vegetables first
  2. Fried peanuts and if it is fried , peanut puree the
  3. Chili puree ( According favors want spicy or not )
  4. Then mix the chili puree with peanuts that have been in puree also
  5. Mix with water ( According favors want viscous or liquid )
  6. Add flavorings such as salt , MSG , and garlic ( preferably natural flavorings )
  7. Then stir until peanuts , chili , and flavor blends
  8. Cut vegetables that has been boiled at will the size of 3cm or you
  9. pour peanuts that have had to stir the vegetables

It's finished , you can add crackers , egg and fried onions on it . Anyway you might as beautiful ornamental and as good as possible . Here is a photo embellishment hodgepodge :

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scheng1 wrote on December 14, 2014, 8:25 AM

This sure looks nice. I think if we eat this dish at a restaurant, it can cost us a week salary.